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Could give the gift of fun on June 15. Your generosity will help bring the fun of our 70th to life for the people we support by funding their own small celebration,
Could give the gift learning. Your generosity could provide a LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set to people with disability, giving them the starting point for a new world of skills in computing and science.
Could give the gift new possibilities. Your generosity could fund a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set, which will help grow skills in creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

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Remember to share your fun online with #Endeavour70.

You can help us set the tone for a brighter future

Our mission and vision today is as strong as it was 70 years ago. 

Together we can continue to forge a future that is as bright for people with disability and as it is for the families and communities who love and support them.

To help make this possible, we are reaching out to like-minded partners in possible across the country to pave the way for this future. With your help, we can equip the people we support with what they need to dream bigger and brighter, today, tomorrow, and the next.

The kits we are looking to fund can aid people with intellectual disability with building the skills of the future, both in terms of technology and creative, critical thinking. The kits will be placed in Endeavour Foundation locations throughout the country and become part of the day to day for eager minds looking to aspire for more.

We can only imagine what the possibilities might be from there.