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$250,000 is needed to provide people with disability greater opportunities in life. 

Your generosity can aid in further developing learning resources designed to help people with intellectual disability overcome the skills gaps and limited opportunities that can prevent them from finding a true sense of purpose in life.  

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With your help, the likes of our friend Heather and others with disability can take the enjoyment she gets out of her current supported employment and turn it into a whole new world of real opportunity.

2022 will see us transform the Get Work Ready program into the starting point for a number of possible careers, through learning programs focused on workforce essentials such workplace technology, customer service, and warehousing. 

While these are the workplace skills we often take for granted in our lives, with this much people with intellectual disability open up more doors than ever as they chase career dreams big and small. Whether they are aiming to work in the corporate world, support others or conquer hospitality, it all starts here.

Read Heather's Story

We know this is possible for Heather and others because we spent 2021 putting it to the test.

Jessy, another long-time supported employee with Endeavour Foundation, has long been eager to do more with his path in life - to learn more skills and to do more as he works towards what he sees as his real purpose in life. But needs a different level of support and training to get there. This made him a great candidate for our Get Work Ready program trial in 2021. In just a short time, he has shown how much this program can change a person’s life.

“I’m doing the Get Work Ready program because My goal is to be a support worker and help people with disability. My mum and sister are also support workers, but I haven’t learned what I needed to really do it. I am passionate about helping others with disabilities, for us all to be treated like everyone else.

So far, doing the Get Work Ready program, I have made new friends, learned new skills, and revisited the computer skills I did during high school. I feel more confident now and that I’m getting closer to doing what I want to do - working at an Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle centre and using my new skills to help run a gardening program for people with disability."

Read Jessy's Story

Our more than 70  years of helping others has shown us that Get Work Ready has the potential to have a real impact if given the right funding.

Employment can be a key stepping-stone on the way to building independence and personal growth, and that doing so can have its hurdles for people with intellectual disability, and this is what this program will help to change. This is our chance to equip young adults with intellectual disability with the skills they need to become ready for the roles they want in life. 

How ever much you can give, it will make a world of difference to the amazing people we support, now and in the future.

Donate today to help make dreams come true for Heather, Jessy, and others with intellectual disability.


Did you know?

Income from NDIS and government funding make up only 68% of our total revenue.

It's the generosity of supporters like you, through donations, joining our events and leaving a gift in your will, that helps people with disability live their best lives.