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Jessy is well known at Toowoomba Business Solutions site for his care, compassion, and larrikinism, always having fun and being willing to have a laugh with anyone.

Whether it’s assisting his peers on the production line, filing paperwork in the administration building, or supporting community activities, Jessy loves helping out where he can.

He has long wanted to do more with his life and with his career, especially if it meant being able to follow in the footsteps of both his mum and sister who have worked as support workers. It's the sort of work that would have him leaping out of bed each morning with a smile on his face.

But to make this all possible he needed a new form of training and support that was geared to his learning needs and abilities, and was matched to the modern world of work. For so many young people with intellectual disability such as Jesse, the specialised support, training, and guidance they need to take these first crucial steps towards their careers they want can be lacking, limiting their access to the opportunities that so many of us take for granted.

This can change, thanks to the Get Work Ready Program. 

In 2021, Jessy was among the very first people we care for to trial the program - a program that has been designed to provide coaching and support to help participants as they make choices about when and if they’re ready for work, while also building confidence, and choosing what kinds of work they’d like to do by offering practical, hands-on experience.

“I’m doing the Get Work Ready program because my goal is to be a support worker and help people with disability. My mum and sister are also support workers, but I haven’t learned what I needed to really do it.

I am passionate about helping others with disabilities, for us all to be treated like everyone else.

So far, doing the Get Work Ready program, I have made new friends, learned new skills, and revisited the computer skills I did during high school. I feel more confident now and that I’m getting closer to doing what I want to do - working at an Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle centre and using my new skills to help run a gardening program for people with disability."

“By getting a job with support from this program, I want to show everyone that people with disability can do anything that they put their mind to.”

Jessy's experience throughout 2021 is a reminder that learning and employment can be key stepping-stones on the way to building independence and personal growth for a young person, especially a young person with intellectual disability. All it takes is for us as a community to aid in eliminating the hurdles, through better support, resources, and training.

Your support in 2022 will help ensure more young people with intellectual disability throughout South East Queensland can experience the same growth and excitement Jesse has on their own path towards a great career, filled with fun and a sense of purpose. 

This is the sort of effort that could be the start for countless young people, whether they want to take on the community sector, the corporate world, or even the world of hospitality, and we're excited to be part of it.

How ever much you can give, your generosity could make a world of difference to a young person on their path towards new possibilities.

Donate today to help create new possibilities for people with intellectual disability in your community.

Donate Today

Did you know?

Income from NDIS and government funding make up only 68% of our total revenue.

It's the generosity of supporters like you, through donations, joining our events and leaving a gift in your will, that helps people with disability live their best lives.