terms & conditions

Before taking part in the 2022 One Day Rally Self-Guided Course, “the Event” every team member must accept the following agreement by ticking the appropriate box:
I acknowledge and agree as a condition of participation that I fully indemnify and hold harmless the following entities: Endeavour Foundation;
promoters; sponsor organisations; land owners and leases; organisers of the event; their respective servants, officials, and representative agents
(all of whom shall collectively be called “the organisers”), for any loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me, including any
bodily injury, including death, which may occur, as a result of participation in the Event.
I also acknowledge that I am fully responsibility for my actions and hold harmless the organisers for any damage, financial or otherwise caused
as a result of our own actions.
The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any entry, at their discretion. I agree that I am responsible for any necessary medical treatment
provided to me as a result of participating in the Event.
I understand that the Event is a Self-Guided Course and is not a race, timed trial, competitive rally or speed event and I am obliged to follow
and obey all road rules, including not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I acknowledge that my team vehicle is legally road registered, is covered by the minimum insurance requirements as mandated by Queensland
legislation (CTP extension and at least third party property) and is in a safe road worthy condition.
I understand that the organisers do not, at any time, endorse, encourage, request or promote that any driver breaks any road law or drives or
acts in an unsafe or hazardous manner that may endanger themselves, property or any other person.
I acknowledge that if I engage in any conduct which, in the opinion of the Organiser has, might, or will result in either harm or reputational
damage to the event, Endeavour Foundation, or any participant or their property, I may be removed from the Event.
I acknowledge that by agreeing to this waiver that I am permitting my likeness, in photo or video captured throughout the Event, can be used for media and promotional purposes by Endeavour Foundation.
If I choose to not have my likeness used at a later date I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to contact Endeavour Foundation.