Don't take our word for it, check out what participants in the rally are saying and why they keep coming back

Scott (Sooty) - Team Salubrious

rally promoter extraordinaire

If you get the opportunity to do it, you’d have to be absolutely crazy not to have a go.

Why did I start my rally journey? For me, it was a bucket list thing, and one I had to tick off. Now my bucket list experience has me ticking off bucket list locations year after year.

2020 will be my 5th rally, and man have I seen some of Australia in that time, parts that I wouldn’t see without being on the rally. I’ve seen some of the most remote country, and the best part is that see these places with a group of awesome people so you’ve always got someone to share it with and have a beer with that night.

It really comes as zero surprise then that the people and the chance to make a difference giving back to the Endeavour Foundation are a big part of what keeps me coming back. I haven’t needed the support they offer and I hope I never will. But, to know what I am doing is helping them support people to make their lives better is great, and it’s why I am looking to raise $50,000 this year.

Actually, on that. The other part of travelling with a group that not only become great mates, who you talk to and catch up with outside of the rally, they help you with your fundraising if they can, and they are always there to hand you a beer at the end of the day.

Amanda, Susan & Sonia - Kenny's Angels

A group of girlfreinds having the time of their lives

There’s a hundred reasons why we join the Great Endeavour Rally each year, but here are our top five!


A few years ago we swapped our annual five-star-accommodation catch up for swags under a million stars and now we can’t go back. 

We love the adventure that the Rally brings to our trips - waking up each morning with no idea what the day holds, who’s making lunch or what’s for dinner? We can’t stress it enough: not knowing is SO. MUCH. FUN.

The best part? After a long day’s drive, dinner is waiting for you and you didn’t have to lift a finger


Like many adults, we’re rarely faced with a challenge we’re not certain we can tackle. 

On the start line of our first rally we rally had no idea what to expect; whether our car was up to the challenge and if we’d be capable of fixing it should something go awry.

The Rally presents some challenging driving, but we soon learned that no one is left behind. Teams assist each other, plus there’s a designated tow truck and an army support unit - help is always close at hand.


It goes without saying that if you put eighty odd like-minded people in a group for nine days, they’ll become friendly. But when those eighty participants are adventure-loving, challenge-embracing folk who are motivated to raise money and support a great cause – they’ll become rally-tives. The mates we’ve made on the rally come from all over the country and all walks of life.

Plus each year the Endeavour Foundation bring three clients along on the rally – they’re #TeamPossible! Getting to know the Endeavour Team and learning how the Endeavour Foundation has enriched their lives is one of our highlights each year. We’ve even stayed in touch with some of our new mates. 

The Cause

The Endeavour Foundation was established in 1951 by parents of children with a disability in response to their kids being ostracised from public schools in Queensland. These wonderful parents argued that children with intellectual disability should have the same rights to education and other life opportunities as everyone else. 

This belief has underpinned the Endeavour Foundation’s approach throughout the decades. The Foundation provides its clients with education and fulfilling employment.

For the few last years the Rally has been raising funds for the Endeavour Foundation’s latest focus: using virtual reality to help train their clients for real world situations.

Clients can now practice crossing the road, using an ATM, and catching public transport in a safe environment before they tackle it in the real world. It feels so good to be supporting such a smart use of technology!

The Ultimate Road Trip

There’s no better way to really catch up with your mates than nine days on the road.

Road trips mean singing to favourite old songs the radio, laughing at each others bad jokes and long uninterrupted chats that you just don’t manage in normal (busy) life.

You might know your #girlsquad well, but I guarantee that you’ll have a next-level bond after the Great Endeavour Rally.

Jimmy & Avril - Highland flyer

it started with their daughter now it's a yearly event

When you become a member of the rally family, you will be coming back year after year.

Our rally journey started in 2016 when our daughter Heather, who works for Endeavour Foundation at the Wacol site, was selected as one of 3 people with a disability to go on the rally. That’s right people with a disability go on the rally each year, which for us is great to see, and what it is all about.

Heather had a choice of a 8 or 19 day trip, dependent on choosing either the Great or the Super rally option that year. Heather took on the 8 days, but she said we had to make the trip down to the finish line of the 19 day event. After swinging past the bottleo in Stanthorpe filling the back of the car with beer, Heather said we have to give everyone a beer when they crossed the finish line. We settled up and waited to see them roll through.

What we saw next is the reason our own rally journey started. Every participant got out of their car and gave Heather a hug, they were happy to see her, and they cared for our daughter - my princess was part of the rally family. Once everyone had finished coming across the finish line, we got a taste of the rally family when they invited us to the final dinner and for a beer with the participants. This was a family we wanted, no needed, to be a part of.

A few years have passed now since 2016, and we have seen parts of Australia we will not forget, alongside the rally family, made up of some of the best people you will meet in your life. People from all walks of life which are equal and there for one reason. Not only are the rally family there to help you along the way, we probably wouldn’t have made it without the army in 2017. My 1984 XE Falcon probably wouldn’t have made it through the trip without the rally family or the Australian Defence force that support the rally. Sure, I may have come into the rally a little un prepared but in the end the rally family got me home.

Jamie & Ainsley - DDSR

A young couple making a difference

There are just no words to describe the people that you meet because they are all just great!

Why did you first join the rally?

Jamie and I first joined the Rally because of his folks, Jimmy and Avril. We heard about how much fun they were having, and we thought they can’t have all this fun without us! So, we bought a car, got it rally ready, and the rest is history… literally… 

We also joined because of Heather, Jamie’s sister. Without Heather, we probably would never have even joined or even heard about the rally to begin with. We love giving back to the community and helping other people so this is one way that we could fulfil that goal. 

What is your favourite part of the rally?

The best part of the rally is the people that you meet. There are just no words to describe the people that you meet because they are all just great! When someone tells you that the rally is one big family you don’t really understand until you’re part of it. 

Then there’s the fact that the rally is going places you have never heard of or have only dreamt of going. This is a great way to have a holiday but also help other people out at the same time! A win-win situation, I would say. 

What do you think of the support?

The support is fantastic. When you fall down, everyone there is there to help you get back up. Everyone and anyone is there for you, and always willing to give you a hand in any type of circumstance - at any time day or night. 

Why have you come back?

We have come back to finish the rally this year! We ran into some technical difficulties last year but now we are back!! There are also some pretty big bucket list places that we are visiting this year so we can tick that off our list too!  

How did you find fundraising to reach your target?

Fundraising can be hard. As a young couple we don’t have all the connections to big corporate sponsors so we just hit up our local Bunnings! We did join forces with Jimmy and Avril for some bigger events like our local pub day and also a golf day. But if you put in the hard yards you will hit the $3300 target. 

Pete - the dirty doctors

14 year rally veteran

If you ask me why, all I can say is why not. It is the drive of a lifetime.

it’s been an age since I did my first rally and you know what? I’m still lining up to do it year after year.

Why rally?

If you ask me why, all I can say is why not. It is the drive of a lifetime.

There is not much of Queensland I haven’t seen during this time, along with good stretches of New South Wales, South Australia and even the Northern Territory.  By doing the rally you get to see places that are probably on your bucket list, as well as the spots that are a little unknown, ones that you only get to see because you’re part of the family (the rally family that is). 

Who’s in the family?

Yep that’s right, the people you meet and share this adventure with become like a second family.  A family you will have countless memories with, and that you get to relive every time you see them day to day or on the road. That’s not all though, far from it.

What is it?

Best yet, the rally is a wonderful reward for all the work you put in raising much needed money for the Endeavour Foundation.  Do a couple of rally’s, see where and what the money’s used for and you will be raising dust and dollars for Endeavour year after year, after year.

Trust me, get in on the adventure. You won’t regret it.