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Larapinta Adventure Challenge 2021

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I’m participating in this trek to raise funds and awareness for Endeavour Foundation who help to provide opportunities for people with intellectual disability to live their best life and realise their dreams. 

In Australia:

  • One in five people have some form of disability
  • Over 35% of 8.9 million households include a person with a disability
  • Every two hours a child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability

Please help me to help Endeavour Foundation change the lives of some of our most marginalised and vulnerable Australians by giving whatever you can.

Take it one step further and spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you- your generosity means such a lot.

My Achievements

My Updates

An Honest Approach To Fund Raising.

Thursday 17th Jun
Although time will soon be running out to capitalise on reducing your taxable income and getting your name carried on our backs/packs and gear around the Northern Territory, I am reaching out to give you an honest update.

I would love to say that training is on schedule….. but I am struggling when life commitments get in the way…. And the last few weeks have been crazy!!

A dear friend of mine said to me the other day that my ‘big girl pants’ are in need of a dry-clean and I have to agree with them since I can count only 3 days off this year.

So, I joined a gym and did my first workout in 10 years this morning. Wowzers… tis was gooood. Tied but good.

So now for your part…. I would LOOOOOOVE some motivation to keep going. Your support for people living with intellectual disabilities will go along way to investing in the Thrive Hub and with the added benefit of showing your support for my work-outs.

The stair master set on level 7 is a killer.

So if you really want to see this big girl wearing her big girl pants and not passing out after 5 mins (perhaps I could take it to a level 8… or even 9!)….  Dig deep… I may even post a photo of me in my sexy hiking books, carrying a weighted pack in the middle of a really awesome gym….. for a price.

A bit better terrain to train on, but certainly no ducks

Saturday 29th May
One of the nice things about the Blue Mountains is an abundance of trails, perfect for us to get our training up.  This one is called Duck Hole, and after climbing down a few hundred metres, there's certainly no ducks.
Really pretty though, and the trail is quite rough at times.  Lots of little side tracks too that often lead you down the wrong path.  Still, getting better: second time I only went the wrong direction twice (won't talk about the first attempt)

It’s a Lonely Road to Larapinta

Saturday 22nd May
With my Mum out of action and me taking care of the ‘old folk’, I try to escape once a day for a wee wander down the lonely roads around Gympie. I wouldn’t say, it is arduous territory but these boots are made for walking…. And walking is what they shall do in amongst the cooking, cleaning, playing nurse and sneaking in a few visits with my nephew.

It is a long and lonely road

Saturday 8th May
We are currently in outback NSW to continue the long journey to build up stamina for our Larapinta trek. We class the community here as family and this town our home.

There are people here that will benefit from the Thrive Hub and your contribution will help us bring this important technology one step closer to reality for those people living with intellectual disabilities.

Come walk the journey with us. You will be amazed at how you will feel like you are surrounded by family and doing this for your community.

Love Love Love this place.


The challenge of Larapinta

Saturday 1st May

So the little graph on the bottom of that image is the elevation profile for the Larapinta Trail.  The scale doesn’t do it justice, especially that last little kick at the end where there’s an 800m elevation gain in the day!  Up and down just over 7km over the length.  We’ve been told the views at the end make the effort worthwhile.  We’ll have to let you know on that.

What is worthwhile though by far is the cause that we are doing this for.  The Endeavour Foundation Thrive Hub will significantly improve the quality of life of people living with disability, providing them an online, always available and accessible source of quality information and tools to assist them in their day to day living.  Every dollar we raise through your support will go to help fund the expansion of this technology program and make it available to more than 4,000 people across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

We went for a walk.

Tuesday 20th Apr

It is all fun and games until you realise that “introductory” and “family friendly” meant slippery rocks, vertical descents, climbing (not hiking) and plenty of going downhills on your bum.

Not that I intended to spend allot of time on my rear end…. But gravity was convincing when combined with a healthy fear of falling. The view from the top was breathtaking but the steep climb up out of the Grand Canyon made me realise that  that I am in desperate need of some weight training if I am going to survive the Larapinta Trail.

Where Does My Money Go?

Wednesday 17th Feb
Have you ever glossed over people's find raising efforts, kinda a little skeptical that you hard earned money is not going to anything useful?

We are trekking the Larapinta Trail with one thing in mind. To Raise money for technology investment into the Thrive Hub.

Click on the following link to hear all about the reason why this has been introduced directly from Stewart Koplick one of the Implementation specialists working on the project.

I think I'll go for a walk

Saturday 23rd Jan
Welcome to 2021.  Whilst the past 12 months have presented so many challenges both here and abroad, this year presents us with hope and opportunity.  Hope that we can establish our new normal and see the end of this global pandemic; hope we can focus on the recovery of this precious planet we call home; and opportunities to really care for our fellow man and really have each other's backs.
2020 has reminded us that life can change on a dime.  It has taught us that social connection and contact is something we both need and crave.  We've also seen technology facilitate our home, school and work lives when we can't be physically together, and the need for ongoing investment to facilitate this is paramount, especially for those people living with an intellectual disability.
The Endeavour Foundation is in it's 70th year this year; an independent, for purpose organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life.  One of the ways they raise funds is through activities like this year's Larapinta Adventure, which will raise much needed funds for the ongoing investment into the Thrive Online Hub providing information and tools for people with an intellectual disability that can be accessed from anywhere, any time.
Other than the shameless Monty Python reference in the title, what is this adventure you may ask.  In August this year, Sandra and I are going on a little walk, through some of the most amazing countryside right on our doorstep.  The Larapinta Trail is one of Australia's most spectacular treks through the West Mac Donnell Ranges in Central Australia, and for 7 days we are going to be hiking over 170km to help raise funds for this wonderful cause.
So now we need your help.  We've set ourselves a target of $9k, and we are unashamedly holding out the hat.  We are fortunate to work with some great customers and suppliers; partners we know share the same give back to the community mindset that we do.  Here's your chance to support us in furthering the work of this great foundation.

Imagine What's Possible

Monday 18th Jan
Each day that Rob and I are out on the Larapinta Trail will help your reset my mojo after all the events of 2020, while also redefining it for people with intellectual disability. By raising awareness and essential funds, this adventure will help to open up new worlds of possibility in the daily lives of people living in association to the Endeavour Foundation.
You may well be aware of the prize house tickets that are usually offered around the Sunshine Coast. Rob and I are taking our support one step further and have set an $9000 target to support people living with an intellectual disability.
The funds raised throughout the next 6 months will go toward the continued development of the Thrive Online Hub – an interactive portal for people with intellectual disability to stay active, engaged and connected no matter where they are or what their needs may be.
This resource was developed and initially launched in response to the initial lockdowns across the country, and has acted as a source of activity, engagement, and connection for people with intellectual disability of all ages and across multiple states.
Here, anyone with intellectual disability can access a wealth of health guides, activity plans, supported learning, and specially developed video learning modules covering cooking, fitness, gardening and much more. Upcoming additions to this learning platform will include essential life skills such as budgeting, hygiene, online safety, and social skills - paving the way for greater confidence and independence.
With help from you, this hub can grow further beyond the trial, to offer ever more programs, skills and forms of learning, all adapted to the changing world around us.
Together let us all join forces and give access to vital technology that we all take for granted.
Much Love
Sandra and Rob

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What a great cause! Good luck with your trek!



Rob Brother, From all of us here in NZ, we appreciate all that you and Sandra do.


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You guys are amazing. Wishing you a magical time in your preparation for this walk. Remember to wear those tow socks!


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Best of luck from the Coates Crew to Rob and Team Nisient!


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Awesome venture and best of luck with it Rob and Sandra!


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Rob Gillan & Sandra Roggeveen


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Go team Rob and Sandra. Wonderful cause xxx


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