a wealth of community spirit

01 Dec 2018

Jim, a long-time supporter of Endeavour Foundation, was the son of dairy farmers; he spent most of his life living in Gympie and working on the railway as a train driver. His niece, Joanne, said Jim was a self-taught and creative man.

“I can remember as a kid hearing him play some pretty great tunes on the harmonica. He was also a talented drawer and wood carver,” Joanne said.

Jim was very close to his family, especially his brother Ron, his wife Jan, and their children.

“When he retired, Jim bought the house next door to our family home. He and Dad spent most days going down the street and having a yarn and I think that was probably his most enjoyed pastime right until the end.

“They also spent many hours under Jim’s house restoring old furniture. They did some absolutely beautiful work under that house. Nothing was too run down or got thrown out,” said Joanne.

Jim’s family are left with many treasured memories of him, and he will forever be remembered through the incredible gift he gave to people with a disability.

In Jim’s younger years, when he was working on the railroad in Brisbane, he came across Endeavour Foundation assisting people with a disability. He was so touched, and this memory was etched in his mind forever. He knew then that he wanted to give back and to help people with a disability in his own way. His wish came true many years later, when he left a gift to Endeavour Foundation in his Will.

Jim felt a strong desire to give back to his local community, including Endeavour Foundation. Whether it was a small or large amount, Jim knew it would still have an impact on the lives of people with a disability.

“Many people would have thought of Jim as a lonely sort of man but I don’t like to think of him that way. To me he was a man of an older time, who enjoyed the simpler things in life and didn’t want much in the way of possessions.

“This enabled him to be very charitable and he was, I think, proud to be able to give to charities he felt deserving. He gave an incredible gift to Endeavour Foundation on his passing. This, in a way, was his greatest accomplishment,” said Joanne.

Jim’s legacy will live on by ensuring the next generation of people with a disability have the support they require to make their possibilities a reality. Thank you for you wonderful gift Jim, and the continued support of the Jacobson family.

Like Jim, you can also leave a lasting legacy through a gift to Endeavour Foundation. Any size gift you are able to leave will still make a positive difference to the lives of people with a disability.  

For a friendly and confidential conversation about this process, contact Sharon Wood by calling her on sharon.wood@endeavour.com.au. Sharon looks forward to discussing your gift with you and is there to provide any information you may need.