a family endeavour

01 Nov 2019

Sometimes, a legacy that lifts others can be about returning the favour.

Marcia and her family graciously thanked Endeavour Foundation for her years accommodation and supported with a gift in her Will.

For close to 25 years she was a resident of and source of joy for Martin House, a supported housing solution for people with disability. Here she found excitement, opportunity and happiness as she sang, played the piano, tried guitar, and generally did her best to embrace choice and new experiences. Sure, she wasn’t a natural musician, nor was she always fully capable of achieving the absolute independence she strived for, but her spirit and the support she was given allowed her to live her life to its fullest.

The wonderful life she had in this place lifted and her family up, each and every day. It gave them a greater sense of stability and hope. And thus, when her time sadly came, it was the decision of her family to lift up those who aided Marcia throughout her life and to ensure they could do more for others like her.

Like Marcia and her family, you can also lift the hope, possibility and potential of people with disability through a gift to Endeavour Foundation. Any size gift you are able to leave will make independence possible. 

For a friendly and confidential conversation about this process, contact Sharon Wood by calling her on sharon.wood@endeavour.com.au. Sharon looks forward to discussing your gift with you and is there to provide any information you may need.