Mister Lucky

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Mister Lucky is hitting the high seas once again to take on the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

We want to turn this year's race into a tremendous source of opportunity for people with disability, and to do that we are challenging our supporters to put their Captain's hats on and do a little guesswork.

We want you to guess how many nautical miles we will clock by the time we cross the finish line in Hobart.

The closest guess will WIN an annual membership to the yacht club, sports club, or supporters club of the winner's choice (to the value of $1,000), or $800 in cash.

If you wish to donate without being part of the competition, any amount will be greatly appreciated.

All proceeds will go towards funding the resources and support services needed to help people with disability flourish in their daily lives.

My Updates

Tracking Mister Lucky

Tuesday 14th Nov

If you would like to track us throughout the upcoming race, you can do it at 


Please note that the final total for nautical miles to determine the winner will be based on figures from YellowBrick Tracking.

Our Terms and Conditions

Wednesday 27th Sep
The Race and Guesses

1.1.1 The race is a 628 nautical-mile passage race.
1.1.2 The start of the race will be in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, and the finish will be in the Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania.  Details of the course will be included in the Sailing Instructions.
1.1.2 The warning signal will be at 1250 hours on 26 December 2023, with the starting signal at 1300 hours.
1.1.3 The final number of nautical miles travelled will be confirmed via YellowBrick Tracking.

1.2.1 It is understood that there is typically a variance in distance clocked of 
plus or minus 5-10%. All guesses are made with an understanding of this and must be based on complete nautical miles (e.g. 781 nautical miles; not 780.55).

Competition Entry and Donations
2.1.1 To enter your guess, a donation of $50 or more needs to be made and your guessed nautical mile distance must be entered into the message section of the donation form.

2.1.2 Any amount donated with a correlating guess made will act as a competition entry.

2.1.3 Any amount donated without a correlating guess in the message section of the form will be counted as a donation only.

The sponsor whose donated total is closest to the actual miles covered by Mister Lucky during the race will win either:
  • A one-year membership to their yacht club, sports club, or supporter club of choice (if they're a member) paid for by the event organizers (up to the value of $1,000).

  • $800 cash prize (if they're not a member or prefer the cash prize).


Thank you to my Sponsors


Tony Love



Tam Faragher




673 Miles Thank you for supporting such a fantastic organisation. If I win, please donate my prize to the Endeavour Foundation.


Julie Rolls



Scotty Mclennan

777 Nautical Miles is my guess. Good luck Rohan!


Sharon Wood

700 nautical miles


Ian Richardson







666 miles.


Lindy Balkin

My guess is 673 nautical miles - Thank you & Good Luck Mister Lucky


Craig Riseley


Graham Stockwell