Renae O'Brien

Larapinta Adventure Challenge 2020

Welcome to my Larapinta Adventure fundraising page

Everyday I wake up grateful....blessed to live such a happy, healthy life. It's always been a passion of mine to find ways that I can make a difference and help others.

By participating in the Larapinta trek 2020, I've found a way to challenge myself both physically and mentally (I'm jumping right out of my comfort zone here people) and pay it forward!

This challenge is nothing compared to what people with disabilities and their families face everyday. 

I'm able to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate in our community by raising awareness and funds for the endeavour foundation.

You can help me along the way to reach my lofty fund raising goal by contributing to this unbelievably worthy cause, supporting people with intellectual disabilities. 

I feel so proud knowing that I'm able to give back to this not for profit, Aussie charity.

The Endeavour Foundation help provide opportunities for people with intellectual disability to live their best life and realise their dreams. 

Imagine the possibilities

In Australia:

  • One in five people have some form of disability
  • Over 35% of 8.9 million households include a person with a disability
  • Every two hours a child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability

Please help me to help Endeavour Foundation change the lives of some of our most marginalised and vulnerable Australians by giving whatever you can.

Take it one step further and spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you- your generosity means so much to me.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kirsty Mccarthy

Wow!! This sounds like an amazing adventure and a great personal challenge 💪



Good luck 🙌


Jess Mayne

You are amazing and I’m blessed to have met you 💜


Lauren Mccairney

Good Luck Renae. Have an amazing time!


Krista Sirota