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Being part of #teampsossible is your chance to give back in a way that is possible for and suitable to you.

Whether you are fundraising on your own, with friends or as part of a larger organisation, we will work with you to ensure that your experience as a member of #teampossible is every bit as fun and fulfilling as it should be. 

Make Your Own Fundraiser 

There are so many different ways to champion inclusion, access and equality. Think about it, you could:

  • Run film or theatre nights
  • Fry up snags at a sausage sizzle
  • Host morning/afternoon teas
  • Lead games or trivia nights
  • Sell treats with a chocolate drive
  • Compete in triathlons, team challenges, and fun runs
  • Giving something up (e.g. Dry July)

And this is just beginning of what can do to champion possible for others. How ever you choose to make possible happen, your fundraising will have a positive impact on the lives of people with intellectual disability.

More Ways to Give Back

The best thing about possible, is that it is only limited by passion and imagination. This is why #teampossible is here to ensure that there are more ways than one to help people with disability to live their best lives, including:

Organised Fundraising Events

To create more possibilities for everyone, we host a range of exciting events that bring together likeminded people such as yourself. This can range from our Melbourne Cup charity luncheon through to the iconic Great Endeavour Rally, with each providing you with unique way to get involved with a great cause.

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If you would like to become directly involved with our Learning and Lifestyle centres, major events, or community activities, we can work with you to find a volunteering opportunity that suits your passions and capacities.

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The Endeavour Lotteries is a fun way to play a part in making possible happen that gives you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, ranging from spectacular beach side homes through to new cars and more. Every ticket you purchase makes a difference to the lives of people with a disability. Your support can bring real possibilities to life and help make aspirations a reality in employment, daily living and accommodation support and life skills development.

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Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with Endeavour Foundation provides your business or organisation with the opportunity to redefine possible in ways that amplify your own mission and community connections. For maximum impact, our team can work with you to tailor a solution that best works our cause in with your goals, now and in the future.

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Gifts in Will

Whatever your connection is to the cause, you can make a positive, long lasting impact on the lives of people with a disability by leaving a gift to Endeavour Foundation in your Will.

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Community Events

From fun runs through to obstacle courses, there's no shortage of ways for you to give back while staying active - on your own, with friends or as a corporate team.

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Celebration Donations

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion your way by connecting the good times with a great cause.

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Regular Donations

Eager to do your bit for people with disability on a regular basis? You can now join a community of supporters who have put their hand up to give what they can every month. 

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In-Memorium Donations

Celebrate the life of a loved one when they pass away by offering friends and family the opportunity to make a memorial donation to people with intellectual disability.

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Join an inspiring group of supporters, from all walks of life, playing their part in empowering people with intllectual disability

Meet Our Passionate Supporters

Did you know?

Income from NDIS and government funding make up only 68% of our total revenue.

It's the generosity of supporters like you, through donations, joining our events and leaving a gift in your will, that helps people with disability live their best lives.