2021 Simpson Desert Adventure - Days 5 & 6

10 Nov 2020

great southern land

In our previous preview, we talked up how there's some genuine history tucked away on Cooper Creek downstream of Innamincka. 

A later start on Day 5 will give you time to visit this site at Dig Tree - you can spend your morning soaking in the history of one of the most iconic expeditions in Australian history, before grabbing a packed lunch to fuel your own day of exploring the Outback. Once on the road proper, you’ll hit some iconic tracks, including Walkers Crossing and the Birdsville Track. The open expanses around you will not only be a great reminder of how unique the Australian landscape can be but it also makes for some fantastic photo opportunities - phone or otherwise.

Our stop for the night is Mungerannie, home to a great pub and apparently fantastic oasis - with the first being our focus for a night of solid fun. Phil, the owner of Mungerannie Hotel is a real character, the proof of which being the countless out of the box items hanging from the pub's roof. Seriously, you'll be surprised what you might find hanging right above your head as the night rolls on. Or better yet, we're sure Phil would be happy for you to add a thing or two to the mix.

The one and only Burke's grave

a test of skill

Phil and his team will have breakfast ready at 6:30 am, with the first car due out of the gate at 8 am - so fill up,  pack up, and get set for a day of iconic tracks.

Day 6 will see you heading up the Birdsville Track once again to reach the Warburton and the K1 line ahead of a night camping under the stars. You won't be fully ruffing out though - the night will be fully catered by Dogga, a highly regarded cook in the area, who is making the trip out from Thargomindah.

Oh, you noticed the words 'test of skill' written above? Once dinner is done, you will be having some serious fun in your teams. Each team will have a chance to specially test their navigational skills under the stars. So, how good is your sense of direction? We won't let you get lost, but we won't be holding your hand either.

From Birdsville to Big Red and beyond, wheel steer you in the right direction.

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