30 APRIL - 2 MAY, 2022


The 2022 Great Endeavour One Day Rally is your chance to have a good time for a great cause.

Join us for a winding drive along the steep slopes and rocky roads of the Lockyer Valley.
Every KM you drive and dollar you raise will help make driving a safe and actionable reality
for people with intellectual disabilty.

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Funds raised


After a record-breaking 2021, we're determined to do more than ever for people with intellectual disability. Our aim for this #ODR2022 is to raise the funds needed to put Endeavour Foundation's virtual reality driving programs into the hands of more people with intellectual disability.  Each extra piece of equipment we can help fund helps pave the way for the people we support confidently exploring what's possible in their daily lives and forging ahead towards greater life goals.

Together we can show that great things can be achieved when all of our small efforts come together - even just for the one epic weekend.

$500 from 10 teams smashing their goal can fund the physical resources that bring each driving program to life for a person with intellectual disability. 

$500 smashed out by 20 teams can fund the development of new virtual driving modules, including coding, user experience, and more.

A total of $75,000 raised can fund three or more new virtual driving modules that help make independent travel a reality for people with intellectual disability.


The Route

When did you last explore South East Queensland? Whether you're an avid off-roader or just looking for a weekend out with a difference, #ODR2022 is your chance to see all that Queensland's iconic Lockyer Valley has to offer.

Over the course of one action-packed day, we will take in some of the best sights the region has to offer; throughout the day, we will drive through and experience the likes of Crows Nest, Murphy's Creek, Blackbutt, and Bunya Mountains. 

There'll be sandy hidden tracks, rocky roads, a few tight turns, and some great water crossings - making for a fun test of your car and a great weekend adventure. Not forgetting the food, the people, and the comparing of cars that goes hand in hand with any Great Endeavour Rally experience. And as always it's not a race, you will have plenty of time to soak in the scenery and capture it any way you want throughout the day.

The Break Down

Rally Day: Scruitineering & rego 30 April; Rally Day 1 May; Pack down 2 May. 

Start Line and Camp Site: Murphy's Creek Tavern (map)

Entry Cost: Individual: $150 per person

Entry Cost: Family (2 adults & 2 Children under 18): $375

Food: Dinner and breakfast across the weekend are included in your individual fee. Participants will need to grab lunch on the road on 1 May.

Requirements: Min 2 adults per vehicle a UHF radio & Orange rotating light. In regards to a vehicle, if you have a ready-made charity rally car you are all set. The track is a little rough in spots so if you are looking to bring along your everyday drive we would recommend it be an AWD at a minimum. If you have any questions about your vehicle email


Minimum Fundraising Target: $350 per team.
If you are taking part in the 2022 Great Endeavour Rally Bush and Beach Run, your fundraising for the One Day Rally will be recognised within your 2022 Great Endeavour Rally team tally.


frequently asked questions

What sort of vehicle do I need to take part?

The great thing about the One Day Rally is that it is accessible to most vehicles.  If you have a reasonable amount of clearance (around 300MM), tires in good condition, and a sense of adventure you won't have a problem. 

So, if you have a 4WD you are good to go. If you are looking to use your 2WD thinking you might want to give it a go just keep in mind we are driving on dirt roads that can be a little rough at times.

All Vehicles that take part in the event must be registered as per state government requirements. If you have a conditionally registered vehicle outside of a club registration, please reach out to us

Will I damage my vehicle?

Whether or not your vehicle is damaged while taking part in the One Day Rally comes down to the way you drive, you will be driving on some narrow dirt roads so the chance of a few scratches and stone chips is always present.

Do I need anything extra on my vehicle?

Yes, we are that all vehicles are fitted with an orange rotating flashing light and you have a UHF on board. A handheld UHF with a decent range is suitable for the One Day Rally.

Do I need off-road driving experience in order to take part?

If you have never really gone off-road but have always dreamed of taking part in a charity motoring event this is your chance to see what they are all about. And if you have driven on dirt roads before you will be in your element.

What can I expect?

The great thing about the rally is you that will join a truly remarkable group of people. Everyone is there for the right reasons - to enjoy each other's company; to help each other out should the need arise; to raise money for people with disability; and have the experience of a lifetime.

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