Your Impact

You’re helping making independence and growth possible

Over the past few years, supporters like you, through donations, event attendance, and more,  have helped fill a growing funding gap. This has made a world of difference, with every dollar aiding in helping people with intellectual disability achieve more.

How your lunch feeds some major needs


Could help supply essential items such as notebooks, and pens to a person with taking part in life skills and job-ready learning programs.


Could help contribute to healthy living for people with disability by funding exercise equipment such as jumping ropes and mats needed to teach the concepts of regular exercise.


Could cover the cost of a Virtual Reality headset that enables people with intellectual disability to safely learn essential skills to thrive at home, in public and at work.

Where your fundraising goes


Whether it is at one of our Learning and Lifestyle Centres or through the digital learning resources these centres have inspired, your support helps develop people with intellectual disability access activities and lessons that bring out their full potential.


A day of fun with your friends can help create new employment opportunities and job-ready training programs that enable people with disability to work towards open employment in a wide range of exciting fields.


Together, on this one epic day, we are all helping to give people with intellectual disability greater connection to peers, support and family in safe, suitable housing matched to their needs.

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