Nathan Woolhouse

I've created this page to make a difference in the lives of people with disability

I am the Event Specialist for Endeavour Foundation and have the pleasure of running the Great Endeavour Rally. I have created this page as the Rally gives three lucky people who attend an Endeavour Foundation service the opportunity to participatee in the Great Endeavour Rally. I am raising funds for their team.

In Australia:

  • One in five people have some form of disability
  • Over 35% of 8.9 million households include a person with a disability
  • Every two hours a child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability

Please help me to help Endeavour Foundation change the lives of some of our most marginalised and vulnerable Australians by giving whatever you can.

Take it one step further and spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you- your generosity means such a lot.

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My Updates

Dyeing to Shave

Tuesday 1st Dec
Righto it's time to put some skin in the game, well maybe some facial hair.
I was going to grow my beard for a year however if I can raise $1000 for people with disability I will happily shave it. For extra incentive if you make the highest donation I will colour it the colour of your choice before shaving.
Hit the link below and let's make a difference in the lives of people with a disability.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jimmy Livingstone


Richard Mccormack

Well done mate, need to see a purple beard




Nicola Grayson

I'm going to say 'apricot' - to match your nails! 😂


David Duncan

Well done Nathan 👏👏



Great job Nathan. I'd love to see your beard in fluorescent shades.


Peter Sturmer

Bet you wish you grow that thing on the top of your head instead of the bottom. 😂 Well done mate.


Nathan Woolhouse


Andy Salmons

Good luck mate


Matt Marx


Amanda Smyth, Kenny’s Angels



Rowan Foster

Nice work mate


Rosalind Mowat

Pretty blue would be nice Nathan :)


Paul Gunn


Karly Foster

Onya Nath! Go blue!!!!



Slightly envious, would love to have been part of this! If you need any more volunteers count Sean and I in!


Yin Tang! *chants*


Jo Flynn

Bright red- Just because its Chrissy!


Melissa Lynskey

Such a great initiative Nathan - good on you!


Lawrence Scott


Camilla B

Onya Nathan. I hope your beard ends up being pink or red! :P


Brent Suhr

off with the pirate beard ! :)


Brent Suhr


Claudette Baines


Aaron Buckley


Rachel Brown

Great work Nathan!


Karen Brodribb - Van Der Moolen

Good luck reaching your goal!