Donate in memory of a loved one

To help make independence possible 

A special way to honour and celebrate the life of a loved one when they pass away is by offering friends and family the opportunity to make a memorial donation to people with intellectual disability. Your 'in-memory' gift will enable them as they learn, work, and build towards a brighter tomorrow.

In Memoriam

Create an Online In-Memoriam donation page

You can create a personalised online donation page in a few simple steps, one that is reflective of the life of your loved one and all the ways in which you'd like to celebrate them. Once created, you can ask family and friends to join you in honouring their memory.

Your In-Memoriam page will only take a few minutes to set up and allows the community around your loved one to donate what they can and add their tributes easily, safely and securely - wherever they are, whenever they want to. Our team can assist in creating your page or you may design it yourself. Photos and tributes are encouraged.

Create Your In Memoriam Page

In Memoriam

Organising a donation collection at a memorial service

Organising the funeral or memorial service of a loved one can be immensely stressful. Endeavour Foundation values the generosity of those who choose to ask for donations at this time.

We can help you with making this gesture, stress free and manageable. We are happy to work in conjunction with your chosen funeral director or we can send special donation envelopes directly to a nominated family member. Every person who makes an In-memoriam donation will receive a letter and receipt. The creators of the In-Memoriam will receive a letter of acknowledgement which will include the names of people who made their generous donation.

You can express your desire to give to Endeavour Foundation through the receipt of In-Memoriam donations too. To do this, inform your loved ones, your executors and your solicitor in the making of your Will of your express wishes.

If you would like to discuss which option works best for you and your loved ones please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Sharon Johnson, on phone (07) 3908 7134 or email for a confidential discussion.

In Memoriam

Contact our Planned Giving Specialist

For a friendly and confidential conversation about this process, contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Sharon Johnson by calling her on (07) 3908 7134. Sharon looks forward to providing any information you may need.

In Memoriam

Stories from Kerry's Circle

In-memoriam donations and gifts in Will are invaluable forms of support for people with disability. Each is an acknowledgment of their potential, that paves the way for an independent future.

You can see this across the Stories from Kerry's Circle. From one story to the next, these acts of generosity are based on the celebration of lives well lived.

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